Meet Our Management Team

JOSEPH CVENKEL – is the Founder and Owner of Timberspan Wood Products Inc. Joseph started Timberspan in 2006. Timberspan was birthed from Joseph’s vision for a custom sawmill specializing in Douglas Fir. Joseph has been involved in wood manufacturing and construction in Canada for more than 25 years. He graduated with a B.S.C in Forestry Engineering from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Before Timberspan, Joe was a Wood Technology Faculty at the College of New Caledonia, British Columbia, Canada. The courses he taught include structural wood design, computer drafting and computerized wood manufacturing of wood structures. Joe has extensive experience working in partnership with log home and timber frame builders. Between 1987 and 1992, he operated a log home construction company in Ontario, Canada. He has built and designed houses in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada; Nagano, Japan and Germany. His designs varied from traditional North American Timber frame to Canadian log home and traditional European with Alpine Milieu. Building structures like catapults and waterwheels are hobbies of his. Joe graduated with a S.P.F. Lumber Grading Certificate in 2016 from Canadian Mill Services Association (CMSA). Joe has been in the wood business for over 40 years and considers himself to be the ‘King of customized Douglas Fir in Prince George, British Columbia’.

WAYNE ENGLISH - is the Operations Manager at Timberspan Wood Products Inc. Wayne has been working at Timberspan since 2012. Wayne started at the bottom and worked his way up the corporate ladder to the position of Operations Manager. Wayne has 25 years of knowledge as a builder and has extensive knowledge of the building and construction industry. Wayne is responsible for the daily operations at Timberspan. Wayne is also responsible for quality assurance at Timberspan to ensure that customers get high quality products. He also interacts with all Timberspan’s customers to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Wayne is extremely resourceful.

NICOLE CVENKEL – is responsible for Administration, Marketing, Health and Safety and Human Resources at Timberspan Wood Products Inc. Nicole has been working at Timberspan since 2015. Nicole has more than 20 years’ experience in Human Resources, Health, Safety and Employee Well-Being and Administration. Nicole has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, an MBA and PhD in HRM/OB. Nicole works collaboratively with Joseph and Wayne to promote a positive and engaging culture at Timberspan as well as to ensure greater effectiveness, productivity and customer satisfaction at Timberspan. Nicole is also responsible for ensuring that Timberspan maintains its CORE certification for Health and Safety. Nicole is responsible for staffing and training at Timberspan and oversees administration, marketing and invoicing.

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